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July 19th, 2014
Jay Ofsthun Memorial Choice
Ralph Centoni
1931 Cadillac V12
Mr Ed's Pick
Ken Holland
1929 “Hot Rod” Model A
Next Cruise

Jun 19, 2014
6:00 PM

at the
Sears Mall Parking Lot

The July 2014edition of the Sun
, the official publication of
the Midnight Sun Street Rod
Association, has been posted.
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Midnight Sun Street Rod Association
Anchorage, Alaska

Aug 2
McDonalds Pre-Show & Shine Car Show - 6 PM – 9 PM
McDonalds on Dimond at Jewel Lake 3828 Dimond Blvd
Anchorage, Alaska 99515-1211 Contact Duane Clausen at
522-0597 or 248-0597
a MSSRA event

Aug 3
36th Annual Jay Ofsthun Memorial Show & Shine - 9 AM
to 5 PM on the west end of the Anchorage Park Strip
Contact JP 632-6756
a MSSRA event

Aug 5
MDA Chrome and Colors
Great news everyone, I know it's late in coming but we have
secured a new location, it will be at the Loretta French Park
on the Old Glenn in Chugiak.  

The kids will be there from 6 to 8 pm, there will be 9 kids, 9
counselors, 2 MDA employees and 1 or 2 nurses.  In the
past I was told that everyone meets at Garcia's in ER eats
then drives as a group to the event. It is happening earlier
this year so it will be a early dinner, I will meet everyone
there at 5:45 then lead everyone out to the Park.  If you
can't meet at Garcia's then the easiest way to get there is
Glenn highway to North Birchwood, (southbound turn left,
northbound turn right) go past Chugiak Senior Center to Old
Glenn intersection, turn right (South) on Old Glenn then it's
less than a 1/2 mile to the entrance on the right.  We will be
in the parking lot, we can give the kids a ride from there to
the Chugiak Community Center then back, that should be
about a 2 mile round trip.  If you have question call me at
632-6756 or e-mail


Car for Hire Inquiry!
A couple is seeking a Classic or Muscle car for
transportation after their wedding reception on 9/20/2014.  
Contact club Secretary if interested. (Anthony 268-9891)